2018 saw the birth of a new rock icon in Australia, Mizzie Maxx. She started jamming with other members and performing live her original tunes.

Maxx’s voice is like a mix of powerful female punk vocals with classic glam/hair metal influences. ‘Devils Ganna Bring You Down’ is an impressive tune indeed starting with a well-made sound design using the beats to be the main rhythm of the track following with a catchy rock riff. The four stunning musicians Mizzie Maxx (guitars/vocals), Slije Mcscreech (bass), Mish (lead), and Shep (drums) we able to deliver its revenge message “This song is written about getting revenge when you’ve been treated terribly. The lyrics are pretty disturbing once you work out what it’s actually written about.” – Mizzie stated.

Although, the singing style along with the music are powerful beats still the usage of dark elements topics are pretty obvious here “I started writing this song in a dark room with just an acoustic and also in a terrible mood as that seems to be where the best songs come from. Somewhat reflecting on life. Brought to the boys for some creativity and sound.” – Mizzie explained.