It’s simple, put the headphones on, separate yourself from the outer world and just listen to a music that I dare you’ll find like in 2018! Delta Deep is a well-made band as all elements here looks perfect.

Phil Collen from the legendary rock band Def Leppard formed the blues phenomenon “Delta Deep” in 2012. Featuring amazing artists Robert Deleo (Stone Temple Pilots), Forrest Robinson (Joe Sample/Crusaders), and fabulous singer and theatrical performer Debbi Blackwell-Cook (Michael Buble/Gregory Hines). East Coast Live is a fourteen track released last fourteen track album released January 26 via Frontiers Records and recorded live at Daryl’s House Club in New York. What a smart start for the show! Debbi’s attracted all the audience by saying “we wanna see movement, we wanna see some attitude, we wanna see fun”, and then continues; “We don’t want to entertain. We want to party together!” and then an amazing opener for the show by Led Zeppelin‘s hit, Black Dog! This is just, WOW!

As you can see, all the mentioned iconic artists above are from different musical backgrounds and this is the phenomenon ladies and gentlemen! A combination of blues, soul, R&B, rock’n’roll with powerful heavy guitar soloing. So while listening to the album you won’t even notice which track are you on, because it’s really goes smoothly and you just follow the tunes.

A raw energy is dominant here especially it’s a bit challenge for the band to record the album live in from one show, but really they presented an amazing band harmony and tightness in front of the audience.

Most of the tracks will give the ultimate eargasm, but some you’ll keep it on repeat for a while, like; Bless These Blues, Bang The Lid, Whiskey, Black Coffee, and Treat Her Like Candy. They also paid a nice tribute for Deep Purple’s Mistreated.

There’s no enough words to mention for this amazing live record. Go now and find this unique East Coast Live on Amazon through here.



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