Ancient Channels is a sonic expedition through the imagined past, present, and future. This new musical project from Brisbane has been materialized by Kelly Hanlon (Deafcult, Terra Pines) playing multiple instruments, supported by Chris Preindl (Leavings, Vestiges, & Apparitions) on the drums which form the heartbeat of all songs. ‘Deep Rest’ is the second single from the soon to be released debut record “Moments In Ruin” by Ancient Channels.

Lying down gazing to the open space, this is the best description of the track. The music is coloured in Punk tunes backed by some disco music elements, there is a beautiful feeling of freedom, and detachment away from the surroundings. There are deep Basslines attract the ears in addition to the melodies of guitars are impressive, there is a significant organization between Guitar and Bass. The mood of the track is somehow darkened, mysterious, there is a sense of fear and wonder. I like the musical tendencies of the track as the band succeeded in creating an outstanding sound.