When you listen to Nicola Denti his guitar tone will take you into a journey on a sea of notes in a glimpse. Day One is his first single from his debut solo album, Egosfera. Let’s find its story below.

I really like the flow of the song structure indeed. The song will be caught your ears smoothly with the well-chosen melody for the track, leading to powerful riffs in the middle. It’s pretty obvious that Denti is a very experienced musician because when you listen to his music you can find how it’s so connected, melodic, harmonic, and thoughtful as well. I just felt that his guitar is talking to me and tell me a story, and that really hit into my mind while I was listening to the solo, actually, I put it on a repeat mode and kept listening to it for like 10 times on a row! Well done, Denti!

Born in Emilia Romagna, Italy, Nicola started playing the guitar at the age of 9 and graduated in 2004 in modern guitar at the Modern Music Academy in Modena. He continued his studies at the Conservatory “Felice Dall’Abaco” in Verona and obtained his professional qualification for teaching with the course held by Frank Gambale. In 2001 he started his teaching activity as a professor of modern guitar in various national schools and academies and in 2007 he founded “L’Accademia Centro Musicale Polivalente”, the musical center of Parma. He has played in several bands (including State of Mind, Fear of Fours and Wyvern).

With his band “Custodie Cautelari” he played with: Eric Burdon, Cristiano De Andrè, Maurizio Solieri, Stef Burns, Giuseppe Scarpato, Ricky Portera, Gogo Ghidelli, Cesareo, Alberto Radius, Ivano Zanotti, Adriano Molinari, Luca Colombo, Mario Schilirò , Federico Poggipollini, Max Cottafavi, Andrea Fornili, Luigi Schiavone, Giacomo Castellano, Roberto Gualdi and Matt Backer. From 2019 he also plays with the instrumental project with the band “Cubo di Rubik”. He collaborates in the studio as a session musician with bands and labels and has written soundtracks for short films.