The Californian trio Doors To No Where set the release date of their fourth album “Darkness Falls” on Friday, May 21st, 2021 via Desert Records.

If you checked the band’s previous releases you can easily find the stoner elements in their music, this album the band focused more on adding vintage and old school elements to deliver a unique sound that no stoner band delivered this year yet. “Darkness Falls” consists of eight tracks that combine stoner roots along with punk influences blended with the incredible old-school heavy metal guitar solo. These days, it’s kinda rare when the rhythm caught my ears, especially that I see many musicians these days focus more on melody, but what I believe the band implemented perfectly is making a balance! Yes, the balance of tight and strong rhythm with the powerful melody. In addition, the vocals were chosen and performed skillfully in an impressive way. Also, the band members chose their musical collaboration carefully the guest performance for Bob Blach on guitar in the album title track was amazing really, plus, the stunning percussive line by Aaron Cooper.

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