I am imaging that I am setting in a local bar drinking my Chivas listening to sexy bluesy guitar tones by Brothers of Song and looking at a curvy attractive lady sitting next to me!

Besides Brothers of Song group love her curves these guys are following an unusual concept band of half brothers, each specializing in different song writing styles starting with Klevman (R&B and Jazz), Melman (Country, Americana, and Folk), and Lendl (somewhat rude and humorous songs in all genres) pretty interesting right! 😀

Okay, to describe ‘Curves on You’ on you well do you remember the iconic record ‘Riding with the King’ by blues masters B.B. King and Eric Clapton? Of course, you do and this is what I felt while listening to this tune indeed. A perfect classic blues hit! Check it out below and don’t miss the whole list they got great riffs out there! 😉