Italy is famous for its unique monuments such as pizza, Tower of Pisa and Classic mafia movies such as “Godfather”, but after listening to this masterpiece album we’d have to add musicians to those monuments.

Born and raised in Milan, Frozen Crown is a female fronted Power Metal band infused with Classic Heavy Metal and melodic Death Metal vibes. Founded by Federico Mondelli (guitars, vocals and keyboards), the band is fronted by the powerful singer Giada Etro (already known for her work in Ashes You Leave). The band is completed by the young and talented 17 years old guitarist Thalia Bellazecca, and by Filippo Zavattari (bass guitar) and Alberto Mezzanotte (drums).

‘Crowned In Frost’ is the new album from Frozen Crown, coming a year after the very successful debut ‘The Fallen King’, which gave the band huge media.

The band explained how this album came off “This time mastermind and songwriter Federico Mondelli amplified the Classic/Heavy and Power Metal components of the band, making ‘Crowned In Frost’ an aggressive and monolithic album from the very beginning, still keeping the listener engaged with its rich sound and wide variety of songs, including instrumental interludes and outstanding female vocals, brought to life by talented Giada “Jade” Etro.
As with the first album, Federico wrote the music and recorded all guitars and keyboards, whilst the drum parts were arranged by drummer Alberto Mezzanotte. Lyrics are once again the result of the joint efforts of Giada and Federico. Production duties have been handled by Andrea Fusini.”
“Crowned In Frost” broadens Frozen Crown’s musical landscape still keeping intact an uncommon taste for melody and catchy refrains.

The album hits off with a heavy short length instrumental track with hard riffs and drums, just the type of warm up you might need to brace for the upcoming tracks.

Musically the album contains very heavy and fast based drum tunes by the talented Alberto Mezzanotte, along with wonderful epic guitar riffs and melodies by both Thalia Ballazecca and Federico Mondelli who’s also brilliant on the keyboards! He created inspiring and dark theme through the few minutes he had on the keys in this record. Not to mention Filippo Zavattari’s astonishing coursing tunes along with the distinctive instruments.

Vocals are really on a master class in this record, whether the clean vocals from the sensational Giada Etro or the brutal ones from Federico Mondelli. They both made a mesmerizing impact along with the fast epic musical tunes.

The album in general has a battlefield theme through its music, vocals and -most importantly- lyrics. It describes the theme of the album and which story Frozen Crown are telling.

Unluckily, lyrics were written with bit weaker and repeated idioms along the multiple tracks. The band supposedly exerted much effort in writing music other than the lyrics of the albums as some tracks would’ve had much stronger theme if the lyrics were tougher.

All in all, the album is highly recommended and has much catchy vocal and musical tunes. It also sounds much close to the classic Japanese epic anime theme tracks.