The Los Angeles-based rock duo The Spider Accomplice released today their latest epic power ballad ‘Crawl’

The Spider Accomplice‘s music acclaimed by fans and critics alike. They racked up 12 LA Music Critics’ Awards over the last 4 years, making them LAMC’s most-awarded band in history. With their unique sound and striking visual presence, they have become a name to know in modern rock.


‘Crawl’ features tight music structure combined with emotive powerful vocals. The track’s topic is very interesting indeed which is “about the outside ideas and forces and preconceptions to see who you really are at your core” and I believe the words were very powerful indeed, actually one of my 2020 favourite lyrics.

“I crawl out of my skin
And see who I am
All that I might have been
Keeps me crawling back again”

Although they have a lot of influences based on their biography such as Halestorm, Stitched Up Heart, 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, My Chemical Romance, among many others they were capable to make their own unique sounds Arno Nurmisto (lead guitar/songwriter) was very keen about his guitar tone and that was obvious while listening to the riffs, and his lead sense is really amazing, and when you listen to VK Lynne’s voice it will just go smoothly to your heart and brain cells! Well, it’s rare to find such tightness, harmony and melody in a pop-rock track these days especially when you add some cinematic elements to it.