Willy Nilly is a Canadian indie rock band that inspired by diversity and delivered through incredible fours musicians. They will release an EP on February 19 including our focus track of today, Cool Now.

The track very cheerful, bright and light which is what I really need right now our snowy weather although it was written earlier stage of the pandemic and it’s about “feeling disillusioned with everything around you and as if you have to ignore all the bull shit happening around you and to others in order to be content. Believe it or not, this song would not exist without the inspiration Earth, Wind and Fire haha” – the band explained. When you check the track you will easily swing your head and even sing along as well. Also, my favourite parts here are vocals, guitars and especially the melodic, short, and sweet solo! And I love the song bridge it’s one of the best bridges that I have heard this year so far. Check it out below and tell me about your best part.