Usually, I get attracted to bands who are having a theory or a philosophy behind their music and themes. beastii is an American power pop/punk group with an impressive discography.

I thought the band name is like Beast II but I was totally wrong, and here I got more curious about their music and theme, beastii stands for Beings Eternal from Alternate Space Terra II, as you can see from the band name their space theme, and for ‘Connect the Dots’ our focus track here (especially when you check the video below) you can find the band was very keen to make the visual and the sound elements are connected together. When I started watching the video, I was thinking like “Oh! Another cliche vintage space video style” but I was wrong again, although, the music video isn’t my favorite type of videography, but the music still was the main attraction for me, you can find catchy lines, melodies, and powerful vocals over-energetic beats. Frankly, I didn’t enjoy the music video direction that much, but I cannot deny that I liked the motion graphics, as well as their makeup style…it’s pretty cool and fitting. Watch it below and let me know what do you think.