Eye Of Nix  is a doom metal band from the United States and recently released via Prophecy Productions their latest music video, Concealing Waters, taken from the album “Ligeia”

As the band described their song as: “Swirling winds, blasts and drenched melodies ignite into a firestorm as choruses of voices call out blindly for relief.  In the end, submerged and extinguished, mortality is inevitable.  Take this journey, taste the river Lethe’s oblivion, douse the anxious visions of cataclysm, pondering the future and feeling that no matter the outcome, it won’t end well.  Concealing Waters is offered to you as solace, escape and renewal.” – the band explained.

Actually the track is very interesting when you listen to it among other songs you will find there some avant-garde elements blended with extreme metal too. I see that the music video was capable to deliver the song message perfectly, especially while you’re listening to the harmonies and melodies which pretty obvious indeed, and Joy’s singing style really made every note astonishing! In addition, the guitar/bass sounds are nice. It’s obvious the tightness between the bass and drums here, which completes the picture in every single note.