Following the critical and commercial success of “”Introversions“” in 2016 Sluka released yet another ambitious album “Colorful Radiation.” His 11th album single “”Number One“” reached #13 on the Rock Charts worldwide and remained in the charts for 5 months.

Christopher Sluka is a singer-songwriter, musician, performer, painter and aircraft pilot who has extraordinary what’s so called ‘visionary’ rock style. “Number One” as a music video didn’t like much really – filming-wise – but for the music it’s pretty amazing and reminds me of the iconic David Bowie. So who thinks that Bowie is dead, think again guys!

Colorful Radiation” is 10 tracks full-length. Who has written, performed, and recorded all by him. Just some additional vocals one three tracks by Ro Fifield and additional drumming by Mike Rawluk. The album is easy to listen, melodic and put you in a ambitious mood – somehow reach to to an EARgasm.

I noticed that Sluka was very keen for the riffs variations and the changes in song structure and I consider it as a smart move really because some listeners may get bored of music similarity or a poor melody.

The San Diego-based groovy goth rocker is going on tour, starting with several dates in his home state of California.

July 27 – Olsen Park Amphitheatre – Coalinga, CA
July 28 – Winters Tavern – Pacifica, CA
July 29 – Los Globos – Los Angeles, CA
August 10 – The Bancroft Bar – Spring Valley, CA

Sluka is a high-profile musician with a quiet honorable discography and “Colorful Radiation” is one of his masterpieces to me. Listen/stream/share the album publicly on Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon.