American Punk/Rock artist James Given released a new single entitled “Coffin”. The new song is released on 15th June.

I will start the review with the artist’s description of the song, “In a world of darkness, the only light is seen from the one you love.” The song is so warm and impressive. The musical mood of the song is so close to Three Days Grace and Skillet, I sensed Skillet’s soul in the music (it is a personal impression). It is not a sorrowful song, it is very dynamic and melodic. There is a sense of energy and adventure between the riffs. It is a song that reflects the truth of life, joy and sorrow, darkness and light, life, death, afterlife, and home and travelling. So, the different tunes of vocals play a beautiful role to express those mixed feelings and deliver those mutual emotions. The track is so catchy and energetic, you won’t get ride of listening to it. Listen to the track below