On 27th June, British Rock band Pool Sharks releases a new single entitled “Closing In.” Pool Sharks is introducing an energetic combination of Alternative Rock and Pop. There is a harmonious sound of vocals and guitars to create a fresh mood.

Starting with cheerful tuneful guitar riffs and classic-influenced vocals, Pool Sharks introduces a melodic energetic track. While listening, there is a spark of heat and joy through catchy tunes. Just, you will feel that you want to have a long drive in an empty street and feeling the fresh air touches your face. Rage, power, passion are the main themes of the track.

The cover of the song is so influential a boy who looks confused listening to music impressively as if he is diving into the stormy tunes as if he is calm, but there is a real war inside his mind. The harmonious rhythms with attractive vocals can break the sense of grief we witness now.