A few who did it really! This is what I think when I listened to THE HARA‘s Circus.

The three-piece alt-rock/pop band release their new single ‘Circus’, as they described “Circus is a soaring rock anthem that bursts out of the blocks with a classic metal guitar solo. What follows is The Hara at their best – an ambitious, gritty rock banger with their best chorus to date.”

They really nailed it, and what I really like that only 3 members but you can hear a professional live sound from them. The solo of the song reminds me of the old school golden days of GNR… I just love it!


Lead singer Josh says of the track, “We were inspired to write this song whilst comparing the state of the world right now, including the devastating Australian bush fires, and how everything seems to be a circus. I think this song has everything you would ever want and I’m so proud of how powerful it’s come out, including the crazy operatic ending!”