Away the noise and negativity the world lives now, American artist Jon Hoskins gives the world a new acoustic single “Champagne & BBQ” as a call back for the good simple moments we have in life.

“Champagne & BBQ” is a very simple and relaxing track that moves you to a nice garden with a funny gathering and exchanging fun talk, the moment we currently miss due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Personally, I like acoustic stuff, I feel safe and secure, there is beauty, simplicity, company, and warmth in those simple and catchy songs. I can’t deny that “Champagne & BBQ” is a nice track and enjoyable one, it carries the taste of the American food and the impact of the smell of grilled steak with the sound of the glass bottles and cheering cups! The performance is somehow original and real as if you are in the heart of an enthusiastic American BBQ gathering and listening to improvised true acoustic performance.

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