Paradox Rift is an American progressive/djent/ death metal group formed in 2016. Based in Ohio, the band started its career by releasing a brutal self-titled release that gained good popularity. This review is about one of the recent tracks by the band called “Center of Collapse.”

‘Center of Collapse’ is a powerful track that is full of chaos and energy. The track starts with a melodic progressive riff which is more into Alternative music beats, shortly, the mood of the track is turned to be heavier and faster. It becomes more into the death metal style. 

The track consists of various musical movements, most of them wander between death metal and alternative ones. The harsh vocals and the screaming are the main vocal types used in the track although I would prefer to listen to clean vocals especially in the heavy metal parts to enhance some sense of variety. In general, the track is catchy due to its tuneful mood.