Last week, I listened to She Gave Me My Freedom by Franki K, and mentioned how he is influenced by the ’60s and Beach Boys, specifically. Today, I got a chance to check another track for him entitled “Californa Soul.”

What I really like about this song that gives me the feeling of summer, sun, and the sea. Aren’t we all missing this feeling these days already?!

According to Franki K the song “recreates the fun Summertime feeling of California. It is the story of a guy who is “Lonely and drifting through the darkness alone as he searches for his meaning” — and then “Leaves behind his Ego for a brand-new start.” And a Gal who is “Looking for direction” — who then “Let’s go of her burden” and “Let’s a higher force took control.” All because they embraced “California Soul.”

Frankly, I like all the song elements: dynamics, harmony, everything indeed. I am just with this mood I was hoping for a longer guitar solo. Well, this is what I felt, but doesn’t mean that I like this version for sure, but I am so much into 60s solos. Anyway, check out the song below, and let me know what do you think.