You cannot be influenced by the present and you don’t know anything about the past! This is what I believe, and what I wanted to start my article with because many bands these days prefer to add the most technological elements to their tunes….just to be up to date! But this isn’t the case here with Alternative Radio, and this what makes their music unique, live, and energetic!

Cactus Club off their latest album ‘To Hell in a Handbasket’ is a live example of pouring originality to your rock’n’roll roots and delivering it with modern sounds. These talented dudes started back in 2019 with one purpose which is their love for the roots of 70s/80s rock’n’roll. The song starts with crunchy driven guitar riffs, leading to an amazing bluesy piano line, with raw drumming and powerful 70s vocals. In just 2:30 you will feel the Woodstock vibes and swing with the beats. Well, I believe that the song is full of Rythm & Blues roots, along with rock vibes which complete a perfect NEEDED picture for rock music in 2021.  The story behind the song is very nice really, but it’s better to read it from the guys “The song was originally referred to at shows as “Conservative Punk”, but was changed at the last minute to Cactus Club. Any sort of conservatism in the punk genre is often looked down upon, although many don’t know many of the first punk bands had conservatives in them.” – the band explained.  Feel the vibes below!