Although they label their style as an alternative rock band, still, what I felt are unique late 80s and early 90s classic hard rock sound. Broken Glass is the latest single by the LA-based rock band, VATTICA. Let’s find out more below!

“Broken Glass is about surviving; picking yourself up and continuing onwards even when all feels lost.” these were the words of the band frontperson Alexander Millar for the song. Nowadays I find a lot of bands trying to deliver their message through the music, but they simply fail or maybe a gap between the lyrics and the music but this isn’t the case here, emotive soaring vocals mastering the track from the first note, melodic guitars along with tight bass and drum lines.

The band had slight changes to their lineup in 2018 and settled on Alexander Millar (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming), Isaac Waters (bass, backing vocals), Jonny Rosé (guitar, backing vocals), and Ryan Linderman (drums). When you check their story from the beginning you can find the success along with their latest single, although they started back in 2013 they were able to work with major labels like Sony and RED Music. It’s pretty simple… talent prevails…right? Listen to the Broken Glass below and let me know what do you about the strings line 😉

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