Haris Cizmic is a life-long musician originally from Bosnia. Today, I will talk about one of his remarkable hits ‘Breathe in Water’ featuring his beautiful stunning wife and singer, Aleksandra.

Well, if you don’t know much about Haris, then you start getting more info now through his website. Besides being a musician and leader of Sarajevo/Detroit’s rock bands AXA and INGRAY he is also one of the most recognized artists, Creative Designers, and biographers. I was really surprised with such a resume working with as Sr. Art Director at Team Detroit who’s already handling accounts for Ford, Lincoln, Purina, and the others, in addition to this working in media production companies and other agencies. I know you will thinking now like “a lot of musicians do other daily jobs” this is true but at the time they find a lack of focus on their music career, but what I really admire in Haris persona that his balance between his daily life job and his music passion. Since the early ’90s and until now he has released several demos, EPs, and albums in addition to his movie soundtracks like One Last Call.

“Breathe In Water” was released back in 2018 featuring his wife Aleksandra, and to cut it short, it’s one of the beloved orchestrated pop-rock tunes. In less than four-minutes you will find yourself subconsciously put the song on repeat and listen to the duet’s amazing vocals along with well-made music riffs, also, the arrangement of strings elements is pretty nice. I can see nowadays that many musicians add strings to their music just for the sake of flavor or a change! But Haris had a different perspective which is adding the right elements in the right moment. Also, it was a nice direction of the video as well which made by both of them and the choice of Scott Sprague (famous Detroit’s fashion photographer) was a great choice indeed. The video was shot in the streets of Detroit and it features David Dupuie, “the best rock drummer north of Rio Grande”. After a few singles released by Haris only, this couple is currently planning to do another joined music project, in a different genre and style. Feel the originality below!