“Boomerang,” The Masterminds‘ latest single, can’t help but remind me of 80s punk-rock breakup tunes where the narrator is usually at the shit-end of that stick and is enjoying the taste of revenge, as karma has gotten around to biting their ex-lover in the butt somehow. I can dig that narrative. I mean, hell, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Besides the lyrics, there’s some great, classic songwriting going on here. That’s something I, for one, do miss. I mean, for those of us that grew up on FM pop-rock tunes, with an emphasis on the golden era of rock music, you can’t go wrong with a well crafted verse-chorus-bridge-type form with a hook that keeps you coming for more. In that regard, The Masterminds deliver.

Musically, “Boomerang” is pretty loaded. We got a girl-group-Esque Bayou beat to kick things off, followed by some 70s new-wave/proto-punk guitars à la Television’s Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd. Also sounds like the boys threw in some Elvis Costello & The Attractions for good measure, circa Armed Forces. All good stuff and should definitely be played at high volumes. I would have appreciated a bit more of a driving bass filling in some of the gaps, but the drums and rhythms are doing a pretty good job keeping the rock motor pumping underneath the hood.

These guys have a nice single on their hands: it’s beefy! Go listen to them and get hopeful about seeing them in a post-Corona scenario. Lord knows I have.

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Omar Ashour.


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