When men take over the place, and when it’s rare to listen to female voices in Rock/Metal music these days. Ronja Kaminsky the frontwoman of The Pinpricks – a Hard Rock band from Germany- hits you with her power feminine vocals.

The Pinpricks are a German Hard Rock band consisting of Ronja Kaminsky as Vocalist/Guitarist, Nils Degenhardt on Bass and Rico Kobarg on Drums.
The album begins by the track “Cast Off Your Shadows” which hits with a heavy riff combined with the unique catchy vocals of Ronja which demonstrates how good this album is by first looks.

blankAt first, when I heard the album, my mind quickly turned up the vibes of the legendary Heart and it took me to Ann Wilson’s great vocal lines and also very close to Fergie’s badass vocals.
The album has a very distinctive and unique combination of guitars and vocals also rhythm magic by the drums and bass which kept everything in line.
The track “Foxy Lady” by the great Jimi Hendrix, was covered by the band in this release and the fusion of the vocals and lyrics had a powerful atmosphere alongside the lyrics.

Lyrically, ‘BAIT’ is a modern age sort of tongue that addresses the mentality of youth nowadays.
The whole album gives an atmosphere of a nostalgic vibe going back to the golden ages of classic bands like Heart and Paramore while they rocked the stages and speakers which throws back all the hits at your ears at once, and makes your ears ready for all-female vocals for the night.