The Australian indie-electro solo artist Other Chris released his latest single Attabeast music video today.

The Melbourne-based artist played in friend’s bands and worked as a DJ while developing his own approach to songwriting. What really attracted me is the song theme, we all have been there before, hurting someone that we love and don’t know (or failed) to get him/her back: “Attabeast really came from a dark place where I had upset a lover and she was punishing me for it. It was a difficult time dealing with the guilt from having hurt her, owning it and beating myself up for not yet having the wisdom to avoid hurting her in the first place. At the moment I turned that feeling into music however, what I came up with centred more on the perspective of a beastly individual, shunned and confused. So the impulse to make a song came out of this apologetic place but the words were something else. I generally like to work with what comes from the subconscious and not kill it with too much afterthought.” – Other Chris explained.

Although the electronic influences are pretty obvious in ‘Attabeast’ what’s really nice about it for me that it reminds me of the golden 70s psychedelic rock era, also it’s noticed how he masters the sounds remarkably. As he describes the track as “it’s woozy guitars, big-room drums and EDM production savvy,” on the other hand, I wasn’t that convinced with the music video, I just felt it’s not delivering serving the music as it should be, in the end, it’s a matter of taste and each one sees it differently. But music-wise, great job indeed, and I will be waiting for his next releases for sure.


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