‘At My Worst’ is the latest single by four-piece rock group Modern Rome. The song was out about a month ago via several platforms.

The story of the band started three years ago when the singer-songwriters and childhood friends Danny Boyle and Thomas Lowry formed the band and recruited experienced local musicians Matt Evans and Joshua Booth. Their influences vary from different styles like indie, progressive to jazz.

Well, if you were listening to At My Worst 30 years ago, you may don’t see it different from many other bands at that time, but it’s kinda rare to find a vintage sound with a golden touch these days. In my opinion, what I believe is very remarkable that you can find the classic rock tunes blended with the 90’s alternative spirit, spectacularly. The originality pours out of every note especially for my favourite part of the snyth solo! There is not a second that will not be enjoyed after listening to this track.


Finally, check out what the band said about their song concept:

“‘At My Worst’ is a reflection on our experiences navigating the business aspects of being in a band. “Just be yourself” is something you hear a lot when trying to figure out how to build your brand, but the implication often is “Be yourself… In a way that is media-friendly and easily consumable on social media”, so sometimes it can feel like you have to exploit your personal struggles and experiences in a way that isn’t completely authentic; the mask we wear on social media reflects the issues we face, but in a neat little marketable package.”