Cypriot Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal band Cynik Scald released a new track entitled “Asgard.” The Band is taking from the Scandinavian heritage as the main mode of the music.

According to the Band, the story of the song The main character of the song is today’s person living a regular life, who has lost his identity and life goals and is searching for those in ancient Scandinavian myths. Asgard is the allegory of a dream a modern person is trying to follow in the attempt to find himself in this world. This may also be treated as memories from previous lives. This mood is impressively transformed in the music, the track starts with dynamic guitar tunes with heavy synthesizer sounds like a man who is running in the endless road, fighting, trying to discover his own myth. There is a high variety of guitar sounds supported by very strong breakdowns. The sense of Viking is more presented in the vocals and in the chorus, especially in the second half of the track. It is really good to see a Viking band comes out from the lands of Aphrodite. Check the track through this link and support those Cypriot fighters.

Listen ‘Asgard’ through here.

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