A few days ago, the Belgian alternative rock trio LECTOR. released their second new single, Arizona. During the summer of 2019, these Belgian talents started jamming and in a very short time, they announced the birth of the band.

LECTOR. describe their music with solid rock guitar riffs interspersed with driving basses and rousing drums. You should know that earlier this year they released their debut single ‘LIES.’ which it immediately caught the ears of STUBRU, Dansende Beren and some other international radio stations, blogs and magazines.

‘Arizona’ features a powerful melodic guitar riffs that easily sticks in your head combined with raw alternative vocals with a strong drumline in the background.


Listen to ‘Arizona’ through here.

The band proves that they’re keen about the quality; “for the production of LIES and ARIZONA, LECTOR. worked together with Stijn Debontridder (Universal Music) and the American Joe Laporta who previously worked together with Foo Fighters, David Bowie, The Killers, Ghost, Vampire Weekend and Imagine Dragons. 1 + 1 = 2 and it is clear that LECTOR. is at the start of an intriguing and promising parcours with a debut EP to be released at early 2021.” – the band explained their production process and upcoming EP plans.

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