Since last year I started to get John Heckathorn’s submissions (the mastermind of Antediluvian Projekt) and I was impressed by his artistic and musical vision. When Rock Era decided to publish regular playlists Antediluvian Projekt had a great share indeed in five different playlists – check all Rock Era playlists here. I was really impressed by his progressive metal elements which express anger and passion blended with classical/jazzy elements to provide an emotional smoothy feel fo0r the music. A great combination indeed. His self-titled debut album includes ten incredible, stunning, and well-made tracks, each one provide a different path and story, although they’re all speechless!

Heckathorn isn’t only a crafted multi-instrumentalist (Drums, Trumpet, Bass Trumpet), it seems that he is a great engineer as well, the pre and post-production are really unique, and let me give you a tip for how to know are the record sounds well or no… it’s pretty simple, each instrument is clear with a balanced level. Definitely, this album has been added to my library and I cannot wait for his new release which I hope during 2021. Well done, man! 

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Mena Ezzat


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