Armonite is an Italian instrumental progressive rock band founded by composer Paolo Fosso and the violinist Jacopo Bigi who are having a classical background but it wasn’t enough to express themselves. So by 2015 they formed the band and today we will talk about their latest album And the Stars Above which set to be released on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 via Cleopatra Records.

The album features twelve-songs which two more as bonus tracks. I was kinda surprised with the number really but it wasn’t a problem because most of the tracks aren’t long in duration.

I have noticed that most of riffs transitions are pretty fast, and kind of repetitive somehow. Music wise they are very good and tight really as a project band but the music is kind of distract you at some point because of too many changes within the music structure. I know the band comes from a classical background but they are a progressive rock band which I was expecting some solos really while listening, I felt the music needs it so. Anyhow, I should mention there are so many songs here like; Plaza de España, Plaza de España and Blue Curaçao.


Mainly music composed and arranged by Paolo Fosso except “By the Waters of Babylon” is based on a canon by Philip Hayes and “By heart” on the “Douce Dame Jolie” virelai by Guillaume de Machaut. Also, the album features many superb musicians really and have been recorded by Federico Provini at PFL studio and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Paolo Brandi and Stefano Bon. And for the cover artwork designed by Lele Picà. Finally, if you are looking for a different sound of progressive music with classical flavor, then certainly Armonite music is the right choice .