If you’re a power metal fan then you have heard of the Italian Kaledon for sure, Alex has been the band’s mastermind since 1998, of course, after a long successful journey for the band of stunning releases, I wasn’t surprised really to find out that ‘Alien Doppelganger’ less epic indeed. The album includes 9 tracks which simply pours professionally and originality with every single note! Although, the album is categorized under the symphonic metal umbrella, still, it provides an incredible diversity of progressive and heavy metal elements along with the symphonic part, obviously.


Paolo Campitelli (Keyboards), Enrico Sandri (Bass), and Manuele Di Ascenzo (Drums) joined Alex in his debut and the tightness is pretty unique and expected really since they already perform together in Kaledon, but Alessia Scolletti is just a 2021 ITALIAN METAL QUEEN! Well, when I was listening to her in most of the tracks I enjoyed her melodic power vocals, but I was really impressed with his performance especially in “On The Way With My Double” and “The Mind Fighters” I noticed she used a different tone, in fact, this is very impressive and clever as well.

Also, I would love to talk about soloing, well, if you ask me what is the most stunning thing about Alex’ guitar technique and soloing, I will say that his tone character, for example, “The Mind Fighters”  or “The Supervisor” guitar solos and you can find it’s pretty smooth, melodic, and to the point, still, you feel the warms and vibes easily, and you won’t control you head swing with this solo as well! Guitars will remain a solid factor in rock/metal, and they actually, define the sound that we hear and has a big influence on our impression, so what you can find here that if you want it fast, shredding, melodic, symphonic, heavy riffs, or even mellow, then Alien Doppelganger will be your choice for sure. Well done, Alex! Certainly, I will be waiting for your next release.


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