Cairopathix formed last March when Nour Eldeen Khaled (keyboard and songwriting) met Hassan Araby (rhythm guitar) and Mohamed Selim (lead guitar). The three young talented musicians got connected in a fast harmony and started to work on their original material and later Sherif Tantawy (lead singer) and Marwan Mahmoud (drums) joined the band to be complete and ready to rock!


The band influence of old school rock/metal acts is pretty obvious, when you check the song you will easily like it by its amazing melodic guitar riffs and keyboards atmosphere. I should mention also the raw voice of Sherif Tantawy made it more shiny especially with the drum-fillings that Marwan implemented nicely. Selim did a kick ass solo really for the song, but I was wishing if the cameraman focus more on his solo without too zoom in/out and the hazy effect! Actually, my main problem with this video…. Is the video itself! Maybe the director and cameraman didn’t have much time, but really they need to work more on the video quality, coloring, too many moves – video stability- while filming, and in my opinion no need for subtitles really, especially that it includes few sentence structure mistakes! Again, I don’t want to be harsh on the directory/cameraman maybe they didn’t have much time, or their first time, the video isn’t bad, but I hope they work on such comments for their upcoming projects.


Finally, no need to be harsh here as I see A Stranger’s Diary a good start for a band who are just established few months ago and I believe there’s a good potential with these guys and who knows, maybe they are revives our local alternative music scene.  

Mena Ezzat

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