A-Mortal Visions is the latest release by the post-rock solo project band Orpo Piru from Finland. The band was formed last year as a one-man-project and releasing this year his debut full-length independently.

The album includes 7 amazing tracks discusses the homo sapiens, the past and the future of the human being. The journey for Orpo Piru delving through the aspects of how life has begun.

The album includes a nice harmony with remarkable raw vocals that shows the rise of a new post-rock era and the strength of the Finnish rock scene. The album features two music animated videos; BetelgeuzeandArrival for me both are my best choice of the album. The riffs and its melody and harmony gives a real EARgasm. Especially that I fond of the motion graphic of the “Arrival” which delivered the concept of the song very well.

A-Mortal Visions was recorded in Studio Sampolaaris by Mr. Antti Välimäki in fall 2017, who also played the drums on the record – Orpo Piru taking care of all the other instruments and vocals. After mixing in Studio Sampolaaris the record was polished in the mastering process at one of the finest workshop in Finland – Virtalähde Mastering.

Check more info about Orpo Piru by following his Instagram account. And you can get your copy now of the album via Spotify.