Velvet Insane is a Swedish Rock N’ Roll duet. The band formed back in 2013 as a dream project for the guitarist Jesper Lindgren. Recently they released “”A Brand New Start”” which is a Rock N’ Roll revival indeed. Let’s find out more below.

The song starts with a very catchy beginning of nicely made riffs and soloing, and leading to old school RNR vocals. The song lyrics structure is kind of unfamiliar but in my opinion, is unique as well. But my favourite part is this one:

“Signs of the sunbeams in the dark
Are we are ready for a brand new start?
Like an old song, I know you by heart
Are we ready for a brand new start?”

Especially before the solo, and for the solo, oh! I feel it more like glam era soloing techniques, which I love it! The final solo reminds me of the iconic band like Europe. If you’re looking for an old RNR spirit with a modern theme, then definitely go for this one!