It was very hard to understand the lyrics indeed because it’s in Spanish but still, the track hit me from the first note really! So far ‘7 Mares’ by Al Cielo is my favourite Latin pop/rock in 2021!

The song starts with powerful catchy distorted riffs combined with powerful Latin voice and insane AWESOME guitar licking! These guys were investing their time like many others by collaborating remotely until they finally meeting in person for the first time in Brea, California, where they will be recording the music video for their new single “7 Mares” the same week as its release (Jan 15th, 2021). Under the leadership of director and project coordinator Lisa Einhorn-Gilder with Ari Blitz and Arturo Kahan as producers, Al Cielo will also be in the recording studio in Hollywood working on their next single “Havana” all to be released through newly formed Music Mastery Distribution. Feel the rocking Latin vibes below!

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