Once you hear the first guitar stroke, you can find yourself in something like a time machine or one of those tubes that transfers to the golden old school rock/metal days! This is what I felt while listening to Angels to Some‘s 13 Days which took me on a two decades journey!

’13 Days’ is like you’re listening to some of your greatest hard rock/heavy metal bands in just one song! Yes, for example, the song intro reminds me of Scorpions’ unforgettable hits, and later when you get to the verse the harsh vocals with heavy guitar riffs let you just bang and sing! ’13 Days’ has been released through their latest EP ‘Born Again Monster,’ and I highly recommend don’t waste more time reading this, and just starting to enjoy the EARgasm on their Spotify channel over here. Ah! I forgot to mention that SOLOS ARE GOD DAMN AMAZING! I LOVED IT! Frankly, they are one of my favorite guitar solos this year. Check out ’13 Days’ below, and don’t miss checking their socials as well.