Chris Borges

Sometimes, seeing bands embracing genre cliches with such intention can be a reassuring thing. When the love and appreciation for a certain sound that survived for years can be seen, live in action, as it transfers through the music of a new group, pumping fresh life and longevity into it. 

Beyond the Sun is a Toronto based alt-rock act that straddles the lines between alt and indie, rock and pop. Providing us today with a personal love song that asks listeners to go back to memories of their loves.


The musical landscape is lush, and undeniably syrupy. Almost too bright and trebly, but nothing harsh. The vocal delivery is heartfelt and true, strong and very capable, with impressive range. Strings soar up above for the entirety of the song’s lengths, creating a very outdoorsy vibe. Perhaps the lack of specifically crafted melodies for the strings is a waste of potential. But the atmosphere they provide, which proves to be critical to the song, allows this to be forgiven. The instrumental section near the end features a very smart and unconventional guitar solo that’s definitely ear-grabbing and fresh. And one can’t talk about this song without mentioning two key things. The drums, which are immense and immensely drenched in reverb… they are absolutely massive, in attitude and in sound. And the mix, which is extremely focused on being bright.

‘Rest of My Days’ is a reassuring song in many ways. The lyrics, the moods, the musical quality and the certain genre checkpoints that are checked are all things that are bound to comfort the cockles of the heart.