Today ill be reviewing Killing Aura’s newest single “Resolution”. Killing Aura are a 4-piece band hailing from Nottingham, United Kingdom, and made up of Frontman Chris Gordon, Guitarist Tom Burrows, Bassist Ben Lanckham and Drummer Danny Gage. Their previously released single “Million” garnered more than 28,000 streams on Spotify alone, and killing Aura has more than 4000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

At first listen, I fell in love with the guitars, they were banging! Complimented by some kick-ass drums, this song just made its way into my rock playlist. The thing I loved about this song is although it says they’re a rock band, they kind of bended genres and you can’t really put them in one box. Killing Aura to me sounds like a modern-day AC/DC with their instrument ship. 

All in all, I absolutely loved this single, and found a new band to be obsessed with! No wonder they have many streams on Spotify, and with this quality of music, it’ll definitely increase.