“Reset” is the first single off a sonic trip guided by Swedish born, London based artist Skar De Line, or as he describes it “the first chapter of a new autobiographical suite of music that will dig into every nuance of Skar de Line’s mind and ideas. A cathartic experience, through which he will try to answer the questions that constantly pulse in the back of our minds. Who am I? What do I believe in? Is there anything we can hold on to forever?”

Skar De Line mixes his various influences from cinematic soundtracks to hip-hop and electronic metal into a whole new sound that speaks his mind. His creative process includes writing music, lyrics, and even writing, directing, and editing his music video making you get the whole vision he has in his head.

First of all, I was impressed by the way “Reset” is constantly building up towards something from the very beginning of the song. The dynamics are escalating in a ramp with different lines and melodies being introduced slowly as the song pushes forward while he is using each and every line to get the sound and momentum he needs, even using the sound of his breath. The ticking sound creates anticipation whenever it is heard and builds up to the next level with Skar De Line adding different effects exactly when they need to be to serve the concept. Adding the vocals to the mix, they start deep and calm and emerge into a powerful harsh one before reaching the song’s “resolutional” part with the vocal harmonies at the end completing this sound experience.

Listening to “Reset” over and over felt like peeling through multiple layers. Skar De Line’s unique way of music writing and production helped him forge this multi-layered enjoyable experience that built a lot of expectations for the next chapters to come. I would love to do a full review of the whole Sky De Line “autobiographical suite of music” when it’s out and follow his steps track by track. Enough with my big mouth, go check “Reset” RIGHT NOW…..Cheers!



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