Marc Sharpe Visuals

Single By Sunday released a fantastic indie pop song that is full of spice and soul called ‘Reputation’, an edgy and fun recollection of a situation with a dark twist to it. The band was formed in 2015c and are famous for their crazy colored hair that is hard to forget along with their almost pink 80’s vibe mixed with a more modern rock sound of the now. The song was released on the 7th of December from Glasgow, and the band is inspired by artists like Blink 192, The 1975 and My Chemical Romance. 

Fast-paced, punkish and also rounded up in such a way that it is mellow and sweet, this song is a perfect story of a typical fan situation who is obsessed and accuses one of the band members of advancing inappropriately on them to show that the artist is interested. Although it is a disheartening situation, the song gives off little angry vibes yet there is a fire in the song and vocals. The overall sound of the song is intense and kind of bubbly which makes it also good for a pop song that is inspired by some rock tunes. There is an undertone of edginess that we love, and the musical arrangement is rich with a lot of playing around with drum paces, smooth electric guitar shredding, clapping sound effects and generally a cool and collected chaos vibe from the song. There is also a melodic take to the song that makes it extremely beautiful and touching. We can’t wait to hear the band play live soon!