The electric guitar hits felt so energetic, then enter the mastered drums to spice the tune more. What most surprised me about the melodies was when they began to slow down, and so did the vocals. It was perfectly made! It was like the thin fabric that made that cloth of art all together. That part reminded me of “Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody”, maybe because I felt the classic rock vibes from the very beginning. The vocals definitely caused that feeling too; it was relatable and vibrant. 

The lyrics are simple couple of lines, yet the chorus is very catchy to the ears. “What do you do when there’s no one there to save you and your friends have all betrayed you? It just kept echoing in my ears and heart. “Repeat Offender” is like a wake-up call that comes in the form of funky, rocky beats.

There’s also track 02: “We Both Believe,” which has a completely different energy, with smoother and warmer vocals, gentler and more sentential melodies, and more compassionate and dreamy lyrics.

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Viola Karmy