I got my coffee early in the morning and welcomed my new experience. Progressive Rock in the morning? That’s something really good. Most of us like to start our day with some Pink Floyd tunes so I filled my soul with relaxation to listen to a new progressive band. Reload is an English Progressive Rock/ Electronic Band formed in 2012. The band released a new track from their upcoming EP, the track entitled ‘Dark Matter’. The band seeks to mix the taste of progressive rock as Pink Floyd with modern electronic effects. Let’s take a closer look to their music.

The track began with a good start, a catchy riff with clear classic progressive rock and good performance from the vocal. However, some negative impressions and comments ran through my mind. First, the track is just only 4 minutes long. The problem isn’t the length of the track but it is the lack of riffs. As we know, one of the remarkable characteristics of Progressive music is the variety of riffs. Second point is that there are a lot of synths and effects. Actually, I couldn’t find the original music; I couldn’t identify the guitar or bass lines. All I’ve found were some riffs that are completely covered with synth and effects. Third point is at 1:12 minutes, it wasn’t the right place for this calmness because there wasn’t any noise to put this part for relieving us. All I could know that the band wanted to take the progressive music to another direction; to mix between classic and electronic. I advise the band to work more on theirmusic and try to not use effects and synths that much.

Edited by: Ahmed S. Khalil