Indian hard rock band Fallen Letters releases their second single “Relapse”, a song that takes the heavy topic of addiction…and the real-life struggle of relapsing once again into this dark abyss…the song is an absolutely monumentally huge sounding and feeling oddysee.

With a strong prog/alt rock direction, the musical duo that makes us the essence of Fallen Letters are Vishal Naidu on vocals, guitars, bass and keys and Aditya Ramesh on guitars, bass and backing vocals…they will smash any musical expectations with flying colors, especially with their latest single “Relapse”.

Both Vishal and Aditya take us through a very deep psychological journey with some of the most mesmerizing soundscapes we’ve experienced this year, across the almost 4 minutes runtime of their song.

The song starts with huge wave-like sound beds and a melodic ambient guitar arpeggio, until the drums kick in and the vocals joins the adventure…with some strong post-rock elements in the mix, we get to really feel the struggle.

“Relapse” combines post-rock and ambient feeling verses with the heavy rock riffing in the choruses…

A truly incredible and powerful sonic journey that not only sounds and feels amazing, but also tackles a serious topic with excellent lyrical storytelling.

We wish all the best to the brilliant musical duo, Fallen Letters, and we literally can’t wait for them to release their next songs…it’s going to be epic.

Make sure to check “Relapse” by Fallen Letters right away… actually, now, what are you waiting for?