With an important message and a deep subject, Sleepspirit are back with their new single “Reflections”. The five-piece New Hampshire-based rockers Sleepspirit are drawing influence from personal experience and watching others around them, turning these into a heavy expressive stream of melodies and distortion addressing addiction and mental health struggles. With a video out on YouTube directed by Eric DiCarlo at SquareUpStudios, I believe “Reflections” can be their way to breakthrough, let me tell you why.

First of all, I loved what Sleepspirit did with the dynamics and progression of “Reflections”. It felt like they are easing their listeners into their sound starting with a totally approachable sound and going a notch heavier in every step. It kicks in with an easy-going kind of pop-rock sound with electronic beats and synths that softly build up for what’s coming next. They take the next step by the 1st chorus, after a low build-up by vocalist Bobby Fitzgerald, they hit us with harsh vocals and a distorted melodic riff that’ll get you off your seat introducing their next level of heaviness. It carries on through the 2nd verse with more powerful vocals, heavier bass, and harder drums while keeping the electronic elements heavily implemented and well-layered until going out with a perfectly planned and prepared heavy harsh outro. The Vocal melody kept evolving matching and progressing with the heaviness and power of the music and reflecting the heavy emotions of the lyrics. “Reflections” is one of those songs that’ll get you emotional and will send you off your feet at the same time. It shows a lot of talent and songwriting skills of Sleepspirit, those guys know well how to write a hit without compromising their musicianship and soon they’ll break through. Go check out the “Reflections” video on YouTube and give those guys the proper support. Looking forward to more from Sleepspirit, cheers!