American Christian alt-rock singer, songwriter and performer extraordinaire Thurane is about to unleash his latest uplifting rock experience with “Redeemer”, that will be releasing early 2024…and I came from the future to tell you this, “Redeemer” is not to be missed…

So you must have already known this, but I didn’t go to the future, I just had a little sneak peek from the one and only Thurane…yeah…and this time he elevates his unique anthemic approach to a completely new level.

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“Redeemer” feels powerful, cozy and hugely anthemic. Thurane has this rock mojo that only few artists have…the power to gather people around and sing along…and he makes it look easy, it’s not, it’s layers upon layers of emotional musicality and songwriting.

Let’s take this opportunity and get to know the people that made this musical anthemic rock experience come to life…

  • Thurane: Vocals, Guitars, Dobro, Percussion
  • Andrew Augustin: Drums, Percussion
  • Brad Sirota: Bass guitar

…literally all of the instruments, musical nuances and catchy melodies are absolutely on another level here with the chorus being one of the most contagiously sing-alongs you’ll ever come across.

Thurane creates quite the musical paradox here with “Redeemer”, on a musical level it doesn’t sound huge, instead it sounds pretty cozy, minimal…but with a monumental effect and mountainous impact…you will sing along, it’s magical like that.

…and it’s blues rock with a pretty cool guitar solo…what more do you need?

Make sure you keep that date in your calendar 03/01/24…that’s the day “Redeemer” comes out…save it!

Wishing all the best to Thurane and let’s take this opportunity to wish them a merry Christmas.

Can’t wait to hear what these guys cook up next.


Pre-save on Spotify + Free Download of “Redeemer” here