Melissa Nannen

The Margaret Hooligans are a two-piece Garage Punk band hailing from Bala Cynwyd, US. The band is made up of Meg Cratty on Electric Ukulele and vocals, and Mr. Stronium on drums, teapot and backup vocals. They recently released their new single “Red Rider”, which is basically a modern take on the classic story of the Little Red Riding Hood. This single is part of The Margaret Hooligans’ upcoming album “Turntable Tribulations”, where the band decides to keep us excited by releasing one track from the album every month till the album comes out.

First thing that absolutely impressed me is the usage of the Electric ukulele, not every day that you see a rock band use such an instrument and still produce a rocking sound! I could not even tell the difference. Meg’s vocals in the song are so hypnotizing as if she’s narrating a story and I can’t stop listening, her voice is so powerful and euphonious, paired with her electric ukulele she becomes an unstoppable force in the song! Not to mention Mr. Stronius’ kicking drums throughout the whole song that gives the song the perfect kick. Another thing that I absolutely loved was the lyric video for the song. Not only did they take the liberty to make a lyric video, they also made a music video alongside it to perfectly narrate the events of the song. 

All in all, I am super impressed. The instrument use, the talent, the creativity, I absolutely loved all of it and The Margaret Hooligans definitely gained a new fan!