It took one man to write these touching lyrics, sing them with his gentle, sorrowful vocals, play the mellow piano tunes, and pull it all together in a heartbreaking music video. It’s such a triumph that Le Days is back, although he’s back with intimate, sad, black album “We Are Nowhere,” but even if it’s not cheerful, it’s sincere and expresses the hardships of being human.

The best thing about this single is that you can sense the anguish in each component of the work, such as the video scenes, the lyrics, the vocals, or the tunes, and yet they all work together to create a gloomy, sad atmosphere to tell you a story about loss, abandonment, struggle, and pain. Switching between two scenes, the cold lake and the solid, grounded land, and how perfect the lyrics and emotions are, it brings them to life, as if even nature hurts. vocals are fragile and heartfelt, yet hit some killer high notes to amp up the misery! The melodies, with their smooth piano, are also saying: “Don’t tell me the truth, don’t remind me of you.”

Le Days took us down in a world “Only He Knows” where there’s a cold psychological war.

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Viola Karmy