Vibrant sounds along the dilemma the song speaks of, Bradley Denniston releases “Red Lights” raising awareness to stay away from toxic friends.

The Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy-nominated producer Bradley Denniston from Los Angeles releasing a new Indie Rock/Pop track titled “Red Lights”.

The track is generally about the toxic friends who keep taking and taking without giving and drain your energy in order to fuel themselves with yours, advising you to take a hint and stop once you see ‘Red Lights’.

Red Lights” begins a punky bass line along with some electro drums, introducing some melodies through keys along Bradley’s rocking vocals that sometimes felt like Emo vocals.

The track has a party vibe or an electro theme within, also guitars intertwine along the vocals forming adequate synchronization musically with the multiple elements it contains throughout the song.

The Emo style of singing is a bit outdated, specially when the other genre is pop, but the mixing made it sound a bit close and synced.

Bradley Denniston did everything concerning the production or recording process all by himself from playing to mastering.

Take a listen to the track and tell us what you think!