Abz Winter’s latest single is a soaring pop-rock anthem for rising above manipulative relationships that’s full of melody, soul, drama, and drive.

The Rugby-based Abz Winter is a singer-songwriter and pop musician whose sound is modern and crisp, her songs full of power and panache that’s prodded on by her swift and powerful vocals. Her songwriting is sharp and elegant, and often incorporates strong hooks which will one day realize Abz’s dream of having rooms sing along with her. Red Flags, the title of her latest single release is a song meant for anybody that finds themselves in a relationship with a narcissistic partner and looking for inspiration to drive them out of it, and it gracefully succeeds.

Red Flags chugging guitar riffs are playful enough, and melancholic enough, to drive the contemplative and confrontational verses, in which Abz Winter kind-of lists all the terrible things the protagonist’s partner does and says, before she explodes on the chorus’s melodic and anthemic instrumental. Featuring a dramatic chord progression, the chorus sees Abz’s vocal soar to the heavens while the guitars evolve from their simplistic, rhythmic riffing, to full-on overdriven mayhem, while an army-of-a-choir reaffirms every word that Abz says, resulting in a euphoric, invigorating hook that is catchy and unforgettable.

Abz Winter’s singles have been receiving increasing radio plays and she’s been garnering more and more attention, and based on the quality of her latest offering, it’s not at all a surprise, and it will be even less of a surprise when this attention exponentially grows with more and more songs.