The ground-breaking stoner doom band, Red Eyed Cult, is thrilled to announce the release of their debut album ‘UNIT 61’ on cassette today. The album initially premiered on 420 this year, and now, in collaboration with the DIY label Spectral Hound Records, a limited edition cassette version is hitting the market.

Uniting savage vocals, crushing groove, and earth-moving riffs, ‘UNIT 61’ forms a smoke-spewing, glassy-eyed Cerberus. The Norwich-based trio, consisting of Lewis Doran (vocals, bass), Max Lungley (guitar), and John Franks (drums), ventured outside of a traditional studio to record the album. They found the perfect atmosphere in a top-secret nuclear bomb storage facility just off the A11, resulting in a blend of stoner doom unlike any that came before it.

The album was recorded and produced by David Vickers at Bomb Store Studios, and the awe-inspiring artwork is the creation of Davide Mancini.

Frazer Jones at Desert Psychlist praises the album as, “An intriguing blend of weedian stonerized metal and 70’s flavoured proto-doom fronted by raucous raspy vocals.”

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