We all have our own fears, our own nightmares. But which would you fear more; being alone in the dark? Or yourself?

In society, we all wear some kind of masks to hide our flaws, our deepest darkest secrets; a way of fitting in and trying not to expose our true selves, especially in fear of driving those we care about away.

RED’s latest track ‘Darkest Part’ tells us that. It’s about every struggle and suffering a person goes through in life, all the feelings that come with them, and how hard it may sometimes be when we try to open up about them to the people in our lives. According to RED’s guitarist, Anthony Armstrong, he defines the track as “It’s simply about being vulnerable. When you trust someone and show the demons you have hidden away in your life, there is a fear and likelihood of scaring someone away.”

In the music video, we find Anthony waking up in a pile of red autumn leaves, then being chased across the woods by masked figures. Now, if you’re a Dan Brown fan & read his latest book, Inferno, you’d recognize the mask as the “Plague Mask” which symbolized the darkest time in history. But now it symbolizes fear, which in this song’s case the fear of our darker selves. The music video also has a story to it, that actually ties together videos from their past albums, Feed the Machine and Perfect Life, to complete a scenario to a much bigger storyline.

Hint: watch the vid till the end, then you’ll be able to place them in order.
I really loved the song from beginning to end! It has this sweet haunting intro, then a head banging- heart felt rhythm. And the mind-blowing part, the double guitar spins by the Armstrong brothers!

Now, I’ll leave you to savor in the beauty of this song. Hope you love it as much as I have.

Reviewed By: Farah Wahid
Edited By: Nehal A.Ali